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DISCLAIMER! - RadiolaGuy lists the resources below with the intent to offer a direction in your quest  for help. I am not responsible for their work or products offered.

Audio & Hi-Fi resources
Books and Paper Items
Brochures, Pamphlets & Labels
Cabinet repair, Catalin & Plaskon
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Manuals, Repair owners & service
Parts, kits, replacement, Vintage, reproduction, knobs etc
Restoration Supplies

Repairs Info & Restoration Service vintage radio, auto radio, phono, television & Test Gear

Tube Tester parts
Tube Tester Service

You can use your browser's search feature to find what you are seeking.

Parts, Kits, Repro items, Supplies and More

Adams Radio - a great place for early radio specialty parts

Atwater Kent breadboards and more - Larry does a magnificent job of reproducing authentic looking breadboard panels, radio cabinets and other wood parts. He prefers to trade his work for parts etc.


Batteries, vintage looking  make your own vintage looking batteries for the 1920's radios

Cabinet repairs/restorations

Cabinet hardware:  > House of antique Hardware
                             > Van Dyke's
                             > Kennedy hardware

Capacitors & vintage radio supplies, Bob's: best place to buy your capacitors and other restoration supplies.

Capacitors & vintage radio supplies, Mark Oppat has it all.

Cayce Vintage sound Co. Canvas cloth covering material like the stuff used on Transoceanic's, tube testers and guitar amps, contact  (e-mail only)
117 Sandy La. Cayce, SC  29033.   Phone: (803) 791-0733 

Clock Motors & Parts (Pam Electric) Wayne's Clocks

Dave's Homemade - kits, info & hard to find parts

Dial scales RadiolaGuy's Dial scale replicas

Dial Lenses (covers)

Mark Oppat's  dial  scales

Dial drive cable (yes the old fashioned heavy bronze stuff) - Adams Radio

Just radios and excellent source for modern replacement parts parts & supplies


              Antique Electronic Supply

              Mark Oppat

Cabinet Knobs, grommets and other reproduction parts: www.renovatedradios.com

Parts: I have a very limited number of early parts and as a rule don't sell them. I do have a lot of tubes but I must admit no bargain basement prices. If you are seeking something special, feel free to ask. e-mail RadiolaGuy

Parts fabricated & manufactured  "No Job Too Small" specializing in mechanical

Parts fabricated & manufactured  A Specialty Manufacturing and Restoration Company

Playthings of the Past (Gary Schneider) Phone # (216) 251-3714

Philco Repair Bench: Resources and Service Info for the Antique Philco Radio Collector and Restorer

Phono belts, needles and more - Phono Needles, belts. A one stop site for your turntable parts & accessories needs.

Phono needles (stylus/cartridge) for the Audiotronix, Califone, Newcomb and many other record players of the 60's - 70's era.

Phonograph Cartridge Rebuilding, west-tech services

Power supply for you vintage battery radio I use and recommend the ARBE-III, a quality professionally built unit.


Retrowonders.com Offers retro products including vintage Crosley record players, turntable stands, reproduction antique telephones, and movie popcorn machines.

Peebles Originals - fine radio kits and great resource for radio kits, crystal & other radio & radio related projects + hard to find parts

Radio kits - Dave's Homemade another fine resource for kit builders of crystal & other radio & radio related projects

Radio & Television Tubes

Reproduction manuals, pamphlets, brochures, & labels

Radiolaguy Parts & Restoration items

Radiola III/IIIA: Your Radiola III/IIIA capacitors (fuse style they look like a cartridge fuse)  expertly restored to look like old but work like new.  Entire set of five, $30.00 ppd.  Questions? E-mail only; Joe Mente: kf9ry@sbcglobal.net

Radio Daze  ( now - radiosupply.com ) Parts, Repro items, Decals, everything for the vintage radio enthusiast

Radio Supply Company  (formerly Radio Daze) Parts, Repro items, Decals, everything for the vintage radio enthusiast

Old Radio Parts Mark Oppat has lots & lot of parts, supplies and more

Speaker cones & parts

Speaker Grill Cloth

Speaker repair

Television high voltage capacitors

Tube Tester parts

Tube tester roll chart reproductions (specializing if reproducing continuous roll charts for Hickok tube testers). email Peter directly (by clicking on link) as he has no web site

Vacuum Tubes

West-Tech Services: a variety of service offered

Arkansas (central  area) full restorations and repairs on vintage tube radios, phonographs and clocks, e-mail Richard Linsley   

Alabama The Old Radio Repair Shop electronic service from the 1930's to the 1970's

Auto radio service

California Bay Area: Antique Radio Service, Paul Warenycia E-mail only: tinearpaul@aol.com 

California Television restoration; Amptech Systems all types of vintage television restoration services http://www.amptechsystems.com/links.htm

Connecticut (Northeast area), Antique Radio Service:  Bob Eslinger/KR1U

Idaho, Twin Falls - Jeff Webster - Vintage Tunes Radios restoration service and more.

Indiana - scott@camdenantiqueradioservice.com restoration service and more.

North Carolina (Charlotte),  Rogers radio restoration services,   rogerben@bellsouth.net

Ohio (Dayton area) Toms Antique Radio Repair Tom Senne

Ohio (Loveland) Dan Landon Restoration serviced on vintage electronics including tube testers:

Oregon, Lafayette (near McMinnville) Speak Easy Radios Specializing in the Repair & Restoration of Vintage Radios

Tennessee, Murfreesboro Philco Predicta Television Restoration: David Weddington

GEORGIA, HICKOK Tube Tester service & calibration : Paul Hart  

Washington, Vancouver & Portland, OR area: Blake Dietze - tube type radios only

Washington, Vancouver & Portland, OR area: Pat Hickman - audio equipment, amps, tuners - High-End.

Other Info & Services (not identified by state)

British Antique Telephone repair  - http://www.abdyantiques.co.uk/

Catalin Bakelite & other plastic cabinet repairs  Dan Blake, high end items only, don't bother him to repair that cheap Bakelite radio you just purchased on eBay for $30.00.

Coil rewinding/repair - *Speaker driver  repair/re-winding. George Kirkwood: radiogeo@hevanet.com
*1920's horn or cone type (non voice coil speakers only)

Transformer, Coil rewinding and custom transformer design service, contact Ed Dinning with your needs.

Johns Vintage Radios - repair, sales & restoration

Phonograph Cartridge Rebuilding, and other services - West-Tech services specializes in rebuilding of the old 78 rpm crystal & magnetic phono cartridges. Also your source for idlers & many other phono related services.

Meter Repair, tube tester and other panel meter repair service by Branom Instrument Company

            Test Equipment,  and more:
                 Steve Johnson - http://www.antiqueairwaves.com/

                 Chris Hollingsworth - http://oldradios.50webs.com/

West - Tech - offers a variety of services.

Audio, Stereo & Hi-Fi

Hi-Fi Stereo service/restoration - Washington, Vancouver & Portland, OR area: Pat Hickman - audio equipment, amps, tuners - High-End.

Phono idlers, RCA 45 RPM repair kits: West-Tech Services

Hi-Fi Interconnects - AudioLineOut.com

Auto radio service

Oregon (southern) Auto radio
(Grants Pass area): Classic cars 1932- up.  GM ,Chrysler, Ford,  Packard, Hudson. Expert  stock restorations: Vacuum tube or transistor; No FM conversions. Originals Only. Barry Dalton (Antique Radio Doctor)

Washington, Vancouver & Portland, OR area Auto radio  vintage GM products only service & parts Ray Holland, e-mail: Ray Holland

Washington, Vancouver & Portland, OR area: Blake Dietze - tube type radios only

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