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Ham Radio

Abby in Delaware's resource: Meeting People with Ham Radios
The History of Telecommunication

Featured Sites, Clubs Information and Organizations: 

Northwest Vintage Radio Society (NWVRS) 
PDX History  (All about the history of Portland, OR) 
Antique Wireless Association (AWA) 
Antique Radio Classified (ARC)
Canadian Vintage Radio a great site with classified ads
Heartland Antique Radio Association Tulsa Oklahoma
Indiana Historical Radio Society
MAARC Mid Atlantic Antique Radio Club
Museum of Radio & Technology Huntington West Virginia
Nostalgia Air! Lots of valuable information including John F Rider "Perpetual Trouble Shooters Manuals" on line!

Puget Sound Antique Radio Association
Radiomuseum Lucerne, Switzerland, a very comprehensive international group
Vintage Radio & Phonograph Society (VRPS) Dallas Texas

Audio, Phonograph and Record related:

Audiophile Musings - Philip Rastocny's Blog
Classic Tube Audio - the best in vintage tube audio
Hi-Fi Interconnects - AudioLineOut.com
Rose & Gracey's Vintage Phono's and Talking Machines

The Fisher Doctor - the  Fisher Radio Corporation's home page
The Triode Society of Portland, OR

Vintage Radio Museums, For Sale Items and Information

American Museum of Radio & Electricity  The finest Museum of it's type in the west!
Antique Airwaves - Steve Johnson's comprehensive site
Antiques Boedo Radios - an interesting site from Argentina
Antique Radios
- the
Collection of Allen Cutts

Antique Radios on line  - Alan Voorhees

Antique RadiosBill Kendrick's Silver, Sounds & Stuff
Antique Radio Restoration - Bob Eslinger KR1U
Artifax Books this site offers interesting early telegraph & related books, vacuum tubes & other early communications related items

Atwater Kent Radio
home page
Bellingham Vintage Radio Museum
new name for the above)

Brands AM Radios
Old Radios and Schematic Service
Brazilian radios  -
Interesting radios from south of the equator
a very well organized and interesting site, the oldest association of French radio collectors
Chris' Old Radios a fine resource site especially for Precision Tube testers
Detective a site where you can find radio & other collectables
Crosley Radios Jim Watson's site dedicated to Crosley Radio

Deco Radios the collection of Steve T. Davis

Digital Deli
an unusual site, full of all kinds of nostalgia
, much of it radio related
Early Wireless.com Lorne Clark's vintage radio site from the U.K.
the Farmers Old Radio Notebook a great site for the vintage radio enthusiast
FM only   The collection and information site of Andrew R. Mitz

Heathkit Virtual Museum
A commemorative tribute to the Heath Company
Hungary Radio Site - I can't read the text but it's a fine radio site
Indiana Radios - Michael Feldt a great resource site with lots of pictures & info
James Butter's great site, a bit of everything: http://www.jamesbutters.com/
Jims Antique Radio Museum - a great resource for information and photos
John Jenkins Vintage Radio Collection
a great collection of early wireless & radio
John Koster's Vintage Radio Web  a great site from Holland
Johns Vintage Radios - repair, sales & restoreation

Jukebox and Radio Heaven
Ger Rosendahl's great site
MerkAntiguo Vintage radio & phonograph dealer in Spain

Michael Feldt's Vintage Radio site
Mike's Equasonne Radios Mike's site has lots of info about the "Equasonne" line & much more
Museum of Radio & Technology
Huntington West Virginia
Nostalgia Air
Vintage Radio References, service data & more
Old Radio's Co.
a great site from down under covering all areas of early radios & more
OLD RADIO CRAZY - High-end vintage radio collection of the 1930 and 40s.  Vintage radios and original Zenith parts are offered for sale.
Old Radio Zone
Paul Sanders Classic Radios
beautiful restores\d radios & restoration services offered
Phil's Old Radios Online radio/tv museum since 1995, many restoration articles and other information for radio collectors
Radio Arts directory of radio related websites and discussion groups
Radio Attic
Radio Era Archives,
Vintage Radios on CD-ROM
Radio Exchange everything to do with vintage radio and audio

Radiomuseum based in Switzerland, the largest vintage radio site I know of - 20,000 pages! A wealth of information
Radios Antigua - home page of Bentez Carlos Argentinean Radio Collector
Radiophile.com - a great site where galleries of nice radios and more can be viewed
Radiomuseum-Radiowelt of Innsbruck Austria
Radio Salon.com a neat museum of radios & phono's
Ricks tube radios & more - home page of Rick Heafner, Woodland, WA
Retro Radio Lounge
dedicated to the Golden Age of Radio
RCA Theremin
Dave's Theremin Home Page
Scott's Crystal Radios  a great site with receiving sets, old headphones & more

SpartaSoftware -
Old Time Radio Show Downloads, Vintage Radio, And Advertising Ad Images.
Speaker People, 1920's Classic Cones - Buford & Jane Chidester The Speaker People
The Speaker Shop Vintage and Antique Speaker Repair and Restoration Services.
Stone Vintage Radio lots of info, pictures and items for sale
Super Heterodyne Radio of the 1920's

Southern Appalachian Radio Museum 
Asheville, NC
The Sparks Telegraph Key Review 
all you ever want to know about telegraph keys and related
Tektron Attilio Caccamo's interesting site from Italy
Transistor Radios & more Eric Wrobbel's site dedicated to Transistor radios
Theremin   web site   An RCA Victor Theremin Registry
Tube Radio Land   Paul's excellent vintage radio site, excellent photo's & information
Victor Talking Machine Company & RCA Related Web Sites Victor Amateur Radio Association, Camden NJ   W2VR
Vintage Radio Directory - A network of Internet radio directory using our resource.
Vintage Turntable belts, needles & more
Vacuum tube information Bill Condon's informative site on early tubes. Great photo's!
Vintage Radio & Television - Chuck Pharis
Classic Vintage Radio programs, or Webcast information
Western Historic Radio Museum

Vintage Television Sites

Amptech Systems all types of vintage television restoration services
Dave's Television Collection Dave Bertinot's Television Collection
Mechanical Television Museum James T. Hawes AA9DT
Philco Predicta Restoration   Nap Pepin's nice page on the restoration of his Predicta
Philco Predicta Television Restoration: David Weddington
Television History - The First 75 Years Tom Genova's site
Television History - 1oo years of Television History a great YouTube video
Vintage TV's - Eric's Vintage TV's http://www.collectorkevin.com/vintagetvs.htm
Vintage TV's -
Collector Kevin's fine collection
Vintage TV's - Chucks Vintage TV's
Vintage TV Museum - Larry Auman
Vintage TV Museum -
Steve McVoy

Parts, Kits, Repro items, Repair Service, Collector Books, Tubes, Supplies, Service, Service data & Miscellaneous:

Adams Radio - a great place for early radio specialty parts
AM radios.com schematics and service data and other radio things

Antique Radio Tubes
Vintage tubes and some radios for sale
ARBE III an excellent power supply for your 20's battery radio

Atwater Kent Breadboard Panel Reproductions - and other repro cabinet/parts - Larry DiBarry
Brands AM Radios Old Radios and Schematic Service

Books on 50s Crystal & Transistor Radios,  Eric Wrobbel's site
Burlingame Radio & TV www.burlingame-radio.com
Camden Antique Radio Service (Near Indianapolis, IN)
Dave's Homemade - radio kits, info & hard to find parts
Classic Vintage Radio programs, or Webcast information
Dial Scales, Decals & other neat vintage radio related stuff Rocksea enterprises
Grillecloth.com John Okolowicz's Web-Site
JustRadios specializes in schematic diagrams for vintage tube radios
Make a Radio - kits, info & hard to find parts

ManualMan an excellent source for Ham and radio related service manuals
Manuals Plus always an excellent source from Salt Lake City
MerkAntiguo Vintage radio & phonograph dealer in Spain
Nostalgia Air Vintage Radio References, service data & more
Old radio shows radio shows from the 30's - 50's on CD or MP3
Old Radio parts Mark Oppat's great source for parts and lots more old radio & related parts
On-Line Vintage Radio programs, or Webcast information
Peebles Originals Neat, interesting and high quality radio kits & parts
RenovatedRadios.com a great site for radios and repro parts
Radio Daze   ( now - radiosupply.com ) Parts, Repro items, Decals, everything for the vintage radio enthusiast

Retrowonders.com Offers retro products including vintage Crosley record players, turntable stands, reproduction antique telephones, and movie popcorn machines.
Retro-Tronics Laser cut repro radio backs and more

Philco Repair Bench: Resources and Service Info for the Antique Philco Radio Collector and Restorer
Play Things of the Past Vintage Radios, Tubes, Parts

Phonograph Cartridge Rebuilding, west-tech services specializes in rebuilding of the old 78 rpm crystal & magnetic phono cartridges. Also your source for idlers & many other phono related services.
Phono belts & Needleshttp://www.turntableneedles.com/
Speak Easy radios - Specializing in the Repair, Restoration & Sales of Vintage Radios
Speaker Cones & Classic 20's Speakers - Buford & Jane Chidester The Speaker People
Speaker Reconing & Restoration - Utrecone.com
Superhet Schematics find those rare and hard to find schematics on early "superhets"
Toms Antique Radio Repair Tom Senne
The Old Radio Repair Shop
electronic service from the 1930's to the 1970's
Tube Tester Manuals as you might expect, these folks specialize

Vintage Tunes Radios
offers items for sale, restoration service and more

Other interesting sites:

CED Magic   all you wanted to know about "Needle Vision" (or the CED video player)
Old Time Radio Show Catalog Old time radio shows on MP3 files
ORGANHOUSE The collection of John Ledwon; Hammond organs, vintage electric clocks and other cool stuff!
The Past is a Blast  Where you can reminisce about the "way it was".
Vintage Radio programs, or Webcast information
Vintage Microphones - Ekkehart Willm's Site

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