Kadette model H
International Radio Corp.




Kadette H ca:1932  now for sale



chassis underside

chassis front

An outstanding beauty, the above is identical to the first plastic radio that I ever collected (and my very favorite). I found it at a yard sale in 1970 while visiting Salt Lake City for the first time, I paid $5.00 for it. At that time few serious radios collectors would consider adding a plastic radio to his collection.

I recently acquired and restored this second one and now offer this *rare radio for sale. * i qualify the "rare" statement with the comment that what's rare is the fact that the case does not suffer any damage, hairlines, chips, cracks or damage of any kind. It is rare to find any radio made with a Plaskon case without cracks or hairlines. Yes the rear cover is a damaged in that the left & right top corners have long ago been broken off when someone over tighten the screws.

The radio  was in remarkably good physical condition when I found it sans the grille cloth and broken corners of the back cover. I replaced the grille cloth and the AC cord. What you see except for the new components in the chassis underside and grille cloth is the way I found it. I replaced all the capacitors and most of the resistors and. The capacitors are a given but most of the resistors were all off value (some by a factor of more than 100%).

There was a large canned-ohm resistor that ran the entire length of the chassis bottom rear that was used in the heater voltage dropping circuit. It was replaced with a 6.8 uf, 300 volt capacitor (the square block), rear center chassis underside, this is he only modification.

The foil sticker you see on the back is my replica, these are almost always missing, two styles were used and replicas are now available.

I'm impressed but the way this radios is made, it's really well built. For a simple 3 tube circuit (not counting the rectifier) it performs quite well. The speaker is interesting too, a horseshoe magnet, high impedance type armature driven type who's large oval cone occupies much of the radio's front.

The size is the same as my Kadette A, which is 9 x 6 x 4"

$995.00 plus $39.00 shipped anywhere in the continental USA.

 Available,  Improved schematic drawn by yours truly. Very detailed with photos, component locations and values plus info for a minor but significant modification.

 Available,  replica foil sticker for the rear cover


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